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[21 Mar 2006|04:02pm]
Post this in your live journal in a public post with anonymous comments turned on.
Anyone who reads this should comment annonymously with answers to the survey.
If you post this in your journal, be sure to check out the community eljay_slambook where you can advertise your survey and get more anonymous comments from people giving their impression of your journal.
1. What do you think of my journal name?
What does my live journal name tell you about me?
2. What do you think of my icon?
What does my icon tell you about me?
3. Do you like my user info page?
4. Just by reading my interests would you think I was someone you would want to get to know?
5. Do we have any of the same interests?
6. What do you think of my picture?
Or if there is no picture of me, what do you think I look like based on reading my user info page?
7. What do you think of the number of friends I have on live journal?
8. What is the best thing about my live journal?
9. What is the worst thing about my live journal?
10. If you have read any of my posts, what do you think of them?
11. Is my writing good?
12. Are my posts interesting?
13. What annoys you about my live journal?
14. Do I use live journal cut too often, just enough, or not enough?
15. Does my journal need more or less drama surrounding it?
16. What am I too obsessed with?
17. What do you think of my taste in music?
18. Describe my journal with three positive adjectives:
19. Describe my journal with three negative adjectives:
20. What are my five most interesting interests?
21. What are my five most boring interests?
22. If my age is listed do you think I act it, or do I act more mature or immature?
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[12 Mar 2006|11:39pm]
I want this entry to reach 1000 comments. Yes, a thousand.

Post anything you can think of. Tell me what you had for breakfast and lunch and dinner and even dessert. Tell me what song you're listening to or what song you wish you were listening to :o. Tell me about something that really pissed you off today or something that made you so frickin happy you're going to explode. Tell me dirty secrets about yourself, I'm interested. Tell me anything. Hey, you can even have a random conversation with yourself or others. I don't care!

There isn't a certain date or a certain time that I want this to reach 1000 comments by. I just want it to reach it. That is my goal. Just because. Be cool and link this in one of your entries!

You guys just comment amongst yourselves. Why talk on MSN/AIM when you can talk on this entry?
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[01 Jan 2006|11:13pm]

My journal is friends only I like to know whos reading my journal since I like to write about stuff I don't want everyone in the world seeing. If you'd like to be added to my friends list just comment and I'll more then happy to add you back!
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[30 Mar 2005|08:14pm]
i cut a few people from my list. so check to see if you got cut.. if so please remove me. thanks.
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taken from bluestarz_ [02 Mar 2005|10:57am]
One secret.

One compliment.

One complaint.

One thing you just wanted to tell me but couldn't.

One quote that reminds you of me.

How long we've been friends.

And a hint to who you are!
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taken from _tiffanyxomarie [19 Feb 2005|12:43pm]
everyone do this and comment anonymously then put it your journal and i'll do it back.

1 secret;
1 critique;
1 compliment;
1 death threat;
1 love note;
a song or lyrics that remind you of me;
how long we've been "friends"
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